Amazing style can be for those with a unique eye and a small wallet. You wont be able to get these exact looks at a store, but think of this as "style-inspiration".

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Always hope for a small treasure

Now THIS I love. YesternightFashion reader, Nauming, found this amazing piece of jewelry at an antique shop in Kalamazoo, MI for only $12. When she bought it, she thought it was JUST a cute bracelet...

She then noticed one of the flowers was also a broach...

and THEN noticed it was also a necklace.

Nauming said it best, "Antique & vintage shops are the best places to find unique and beautiful statement jewelry."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Rubber Watch

I was at Buffalo Exchange in Chicago & as I was checking out I looked in back of the glass counter & noticed this beauty. I quickly grabbed it and paid, not even noticing the price... As I checked my receipt I saw it cost $12.99! It's something I get complimented on daily & I don't even know what Geneva is!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grey & White... YUP THAT'S RIGHT.

This is one of my most favorite restorations! I got the "George Washington University Tennis" tee like 7 years ago. it was my FAVE ever, but the usage and age became too much for it and holes were everywhere. I bought a plain v-neck for like $2 then sewed them together cutting out every other 2 inches or so. (this was taken a while back but que sea!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boring to Bohem? -ish.

Yesternight I had no idea what to wear. I liked what I wore earlier in the day but I felt as if I wanted a little attention... I had an old American Apparel Dolman (Batwing) Hoodie ($29 new) that I used probs twice. I cut it right down the middle & made it into an oversized cardigan type thing. I slapped on some skinny Levi's I got at Buffalo Exchange in Chi ($13), cute socks & some shitty Aldo Shoes. I went from boring to somewhat Bohem.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Such a GIRL

Alex found this v-neck at Buffalo Exchange in Chicago for $15. The Flower is vintage FRESH and can no longer be found.

Just Dappin' Around

Thrift store button up: $4.99, White Rubber Watch (thrift) $12 at Buffalo Exchange Chicago.

SPRING into Yesternight

I found the flowered blazer for $8, the tie was a gift, opticals are Vintage Guess? by Georges Marciano, the button-up is Express 1MX, & the lovely broach was $1

++Today's Inspiration

One of my recent inspirations is my great friend Amanda. She said "FUCK THE SYSTEM" (aka the workplace) and started wearing amazing thrift 'fits to work. We realized people are going to judge us with or without our amaze thrift 'fits, so like my mom & Nike said "JUST DO IT"... Go for it. YesternightFashion it.

I have a feeling I will repeat this one...

Why I Yesternight

I love the fashion blogs. However they do not love my money-clip ($3 at the thrift store, btw). I visit sites like "" & see that I can have that same clothes with a fraction of the cost. This isn't for everyone, as I've seen people attempt and tragically fail in the process.
This process I speak of, is going to a thrift store and finding beauty in an old pair of overalls or the JAZZ that could come from a weirdly designed 90's button up.